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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I create a kraky account?
    Very easy!
    You can create an account by clicking here and filling in the necessary information.

  2. Are your servers reliable?
    Yes, they are. Our servers are up and running approximately 99.9% of the time, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  3. I need more disk space than your Kraky plan offers! Can you create a custom plan just for me?
    Yes, we will be happy to create a personalized account just for you!
    Please contact for more information.

  4. Will you post advertising banners on my site?
    No. Several sites offering cheap Web site hosting do this, but we refuse to and never will.

  5. Will my account be renewed automatically?
    Yes, unless you notify us otherwise, your account will be renewed automatically.

    Credit Card: Your payment will appear on your monthly statement.
    Cheque: An invoice will be sent to you via post and E-mail.
    Paypal: An invoice will be sent to you via post, E-mail and Paypal.

  6. Can I change my current plan without being charged a penalty?
    Yes, you can change your plan at any time without penalty.
    Just send your changes to and we will be happy to update your account.

  7. Do you offer a "WebMail" service?
    Yes, and you will be able to access all of your Kraky E-mail accounts everywhere on the internet.
    This service is available to all of our customers.

  8. How long will I have to wait before my account is activated?
    Accounts based on existing plans (Startup, Webmaster, Collosal, Kraky) are created automatically, in only a few minutes.

    Once your account is created, a welcome E-mail will be sent to you which will include your username and password, as well as other pertinent information about your account (including your temporary address, if applicable).

    If you are using a temporary address, you will be able to reach your site via this address until your actual domain is operational.

  9. Are your servers connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
    Yes. They are online and always connected and supervised - thus your site will be always in service.
    Our servers are online 99.9% of the time.

  10. Why is it better for me to pay annually (instead of monthly)?
    When you pay for twelve (12) months in advance, you will receive a discount of 10% on your invoice.
    It's that simple.

  11. Does it cost anything to transfer my existing domain name?
    No additional charges are applied for the transfer of your domain names to (i.e. updating our Domain Name Server).

    However, you should expect additional charges if you are transfering a domain from a third party registrar to

  12. * Will you charge me for using the MySQL database?
    No. The service is free.

  13. * How do I make my payments?
    We accept payment by Credit Card, Cheque and Paypal.

    Credit Card: Instantaneous.
    PayPal: Within 24 hours.
    Cheque: Upon receiving your cheque.

  14. Do you provide a personal CGI-BIN directory for CGI/Perl scripts?
    Yes, a personal CGI-BIN directory is provided with each of the existing plans (Startup, Webmaster, Collosal, Kraky).

  15. Can I limit access of specific pages by using htaccess?
    You sure can. You can also limit access to specific directories as well.
    Login to your account and use the Kraky control panel to modify your htaccess settings.

  16. * Must I have a valid domain name to get an account?
    Not at all. A Kraky temporary address will be assigned to you if you don't already have a domain.

  17. Can you host a Web site with a foreign domain name (e.g.
    Yes, we are capable of hosting Web sites having foreign and domestic domain names.

  18. Can I send unsolicited E-mail (Spam)?
    No. E-mailing individuals who have given you authorization to do so is acceptable. However, sending unsolicited E-mail to individuals (Spamming) is not acceptable under any circumstances.

    Spamming is in violation of your service agreement and our user policy. It is both illegal and immoral to send mass unsolicited E-mail. Any user sending mass unsolicited E-mail, will have their account suspended and removed within 24 hours. Period.

  19. Can I use Kraky with a Macintosh computer?
    You sure can. You will need to install Fetch (or another FTP client supported by Mac) in order to transfer your files from your Mac to our system.

    You will also need to install E-mail client software such as Eudora, Claris E-mail or Netscape Mail (if you haven't already done so).

  20. Can I contact you by telephone if I have other questions?
    Yes, but the fastest and easiest way to contact us is through the Kraky control panel.
    Please click here for our telephone number (and our other contact information).

  21. Do I have to sign a contract in order to use
    Not all at. The online registration process is completely legal and binding.

  22. Is it possible to change the type of payment plan I have?
    Yes. Please contact us by E-mail and ask about changing your payment plan. You will be credited toward your new payment plan (if applicable).

  23. How will I be charged?
    Your credit card will be in charged automatically on the same day (every month or year) of your registration.

  24. What happens if I exceed the bandwidth limit of my plan?
    An E-mail will be sent to you when you approach your allowable limit, asking you if you would like a larger plan allowing for more bandwidth.

    Remember, with the Kraky control panel, you can quickly and easily monitor your bandwidth limit.

  25. How do I cancel my account?
    To cancel your account, please send a service ticket using your account E-mail and state that you wish to cancel your account. Français - English
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